The Goodyear Community Skatepark is truly one of a kind. This facility was the direct result of Arizona skaters need to have a world class park with big bowls. This 26,000 sq of skate-able terrain consists of a 280’ long snake run the ranges for 7’-9’ deep and includes back-to-back 10’ over vert pockets and a 16’ full pipe capsule that can be skated on the inside and on the outside. The street flow section includes a step up manual pad, a pyramid and various quarter pipes that lead into a flow section that backs up against the outside of the capsule. The park also includes an asymmetrical peanut pool with an 11’ deep end, a 7’ shallow end, pool coping and tile. Integral colored concrete was used throughout making this park even more unique. Park amenities include a shade structure w/ BBQ, lights, a drinking fountain, rest rooms and an adjacent playground/water park.