Skate Course Design; Street League New Jersey 2016

Here is our skate course design for the Newark, New Jersey stop of the 2016 SLS Nike SB World Tour.

One end of the course has a wall with two quarter pipes that are five feet high with an eight feet gap between them. Fans love seeing the high flying SLS pros like Evan Smith, David Gonzalez, Ishod Wair skate this obstacle and it’ll be no different at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ.

The center of the course has two sections where fans will certainly see some crazy tech tricks going down. Both sections have euro gaps but they’re laid out differently. On the left side is a bump to bar with six inch kickers and a rail that is 22 inches tall. Attached to that are stacked ledges that vary in height from a little over a foot tall to two and half feet tall.

The other center section has two euro gaps with varying heights and then a two foot high kinked rail that covers three quarters of the section. Behind that and to the right is a smaller wall with five feet high quarter pipes and a smaller gap between them.

Last but not least is the return of the big section. In previous stops, like Munich, some SLS pros found the big section a bit small. That definitely won’t be the case this time. There’s an 11 stair framed by rails on each side but sandwiched between two hubbas that sit next to ramps that are the height of a seven-stair set.

This is a course that even on paper is teeming with anticipation and when it all goes down fans will truly see an excellent contest. The 28th of August can’t come soon enough.